All About the Book

Karra and Kim have spent the past year collaborating on a project. When that project came to an end, they started sharing ideas for a new endeavour. Karra has three young boys who are all now home schooling. They are finding the isolation hard and she feels they are going to find the eventual return to reality even more difficult. Karra and Kim wanted to create something that would help children to talk about their anxieties but also provide them with some comfort. And so Pete Stays Home was born. But this isn’t a factual book that is only relevant to the current situation, this is a wonderful picture book that should be shared time and time again. Karra and Kim want Pete Stays Home to have grubby finger prints over it, turned up corners and perhaps the odd tear – tears of sadness and joy. Pete Stays Home should become a much-loved book on your bookshelf. 

As freelancers and small business owners, Karra and Kim felt it was important to do their bit to keep small businesses alive and kicking. For this reason, Pete Stays Home is printed in the UK and the eBook has been created in the UK. They’ve used FSC-Certified paper to print the book and the format allows them to send the book as a large letter, avoiding the need for large courier companies.