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This is a gentle, optimistic book that you can share with young children, to help them process what has happened during the strange lockdown times. Equating it with the hibernation of a young bear cub, is a clever, sensitive parallel which makes the situation seem less abnormal and part of a natural cycle that we sometimes have to go through to stay safe. Missing family and friends is hard, but keeping busy and caring for each other at home means that the time passes, and there is a joyful reunion at the end. This book deserves to do well, and all young children deserve an opportunity to share and enjoy it. Ideal for now and later – when children need to process what they have gone through and regain confidence in taking part in society. Well done Karra and Kim for producing such a beautiful story and stunning artwork! 

Jenny Roberts

 I would strongly recommend getting hold of a copy of Pete Stays Home. This is a fantastic book for helping to explain to young children about lockdown. It is a story about a little bear cub who objects to having to stay at home in the winter and not be able to see his grandparents or play with his friends. It also expresses the joy which is felt when eventually this time comes to an end and he is able to see everyone again. I cannot praise it highly enough – completely hits the right note for our age group. 

Middleton Cheney Preschool

This book has been amazing for explaining to my 5 year old. I also recommended it to the school and they’re going to make a recording of a teacher reading it before kids go back. 

Kirsten Allen Kid’s Storyworld

Such a gorgeous book, especially if you have little ones struggling with the situation at the moment. 

Amanda Ledo

I can’t believe how quickly you must have pulled this book together. It is honestly the most professional self publication I have ever seen! 


I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful book, I’ve read it with Ellie-May and she loves it and it’s a been a brilliant way to talk about everything that is happening in our crazy world at the moment.

On a personal note I loved the book from the story to the beautiful illustrations and use of colour, plus the paper choice just works perfectly with the vibrant illustrations. It’s just wonderful you must all be so proud of such an amazing book.